Friday, January 2, 2015

A Cooking Vessel

The lid of patriarchy
blocked the outlet-
She continued to boil
sustaining the steam-
taking care of babies,
washing, ironing and scrubbing.
The continued fire
darkened her visage.
On the verge of bursting
Nora is conceived.

Composed on June 16, 2013.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Excuse me, squeeze me!

In her sixties there she she stands
In her ragged clothes
Gesturing to say
Here I am; squeeze me

The Sun rays tore her apart
Like her man
In her youth
Making her a useless Nanny Goat

She worked all her life
But earned no money
Her work added up to nothing
Raising her kids
Into a female-cycle deep-gorge she fell

She gave life
But forgot to live
She breathed
But forgot to inhale
Forgotten statue says, "squeeze me."

Sons and daughters
Her fields and crops
She can count
Sorrows and pains are un-numbered
Squeezing her

To her man she said,
" Excuse me, do you want anything more from me?
I gave you children
I catered your wanton desires
I gave you my whole life."

She is almost deaf
She is almost blind
She has wrinkles
She has scars

And finally her man said,
" I'd rather you keep quiet
I have a brand new wife."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Thought World

The two rivers
Merge into one
For beautiful tomorrow
Sweeping away
The evils of life
Grasping the force
From one another
Revolutionary waters
Silently transform
The basin into a safe heaven
Where voices are heard.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

For Sale

Like a commodity in an open market
branded emotions and feelings,
bursting out from the core of the Heart,
are placed on a showcase of
digital world
for SALE

A Tag of price updated
in valued foreign currency
with 0% discount
buyers are ready
to handle the purchase
will you?

Sovereignty, and independence of the “self”-
simply forget and chill-out-
with the handful of cash,
sprout your new emotions and feelings
in a chained freedom
and recondition it with sorrows and pains
for the next exhibition
for SALE
I won't, will you?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Without you

Gave up all private feelings and desires
Family, acquaintances and colleagues
To satisfy and triumph that favor
For heaven's sake
I did all just for you

Boundless cordial friendship
Everlasting and invincible
May ours be so
Remain for eternity

We the judicious creature
Retain the mental equipoise
Not let creative potential lie fallow
I can't just respire without you

Psyche is yarning for mild love
Like a baby sucks adored mother
Cosmos glitters in contentment
When I contract that incredible beam
I can live just for you

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nature's Shield

(Poem for Children)

When I hear the birds -chirping
I awake and start the day
The first rays through the boughs
Fills the vacant soul with spirit gay

Gentle breeze over the lea
Rejuvenative and fresh
My vigor is restored
Trees shake fruits to thresh

Sparkling waters of the Rapti
Quench my thirst
Lying on the sand bank
Favourite pass-time always the first

Eating the wild fruits
In nature abundance
They were the appetizer
Tummy ever radiance

Those were the days
I long for-ever
Shield is nature's lap
Wanted to awake never

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Childhood Memoir

(Poem for Children) 
Featured in Misty Mountain Review

Those were the days
When we used to herd the goats
In the plains in front of the house
Sometimes by the river, sometimes in the woods

Friends were jolly
Spirit very high
Fun was swimming too
Never had reason to sigh

Never were the days the same
All full of adventure
Prairie, vale and the river basin
The only official prefecture
Leopards were the enemies
Rest the kin and kith
Vividly I remember it
Others may call now myth

Bygone days were so pleasing
Only make me much nostalgic
I am a grown up now
Stunned by reason and logic

Give me those days again
Which make me a child
A big no to hectic life
These memories soothing and mild